When Care is Given, Much is Received

You may recall the incident this past February between my then-boyfriend (now fiancé) Matt and a very sharp table saw. It wasn’t a pretty sight, and the accident happened, of all days, mere hours before his surprise thirtieth birthday party. I honed my caregiver skills in the weeks following Matt’s accident and subsequent seven-hour surgery, … Continue reading

Billy as Buddy, And Better Than Ever

Last Saturday my mom and I took a trip back in time. Nestled inside the Howard Drew Theatre at the Omaha Community Playhouse, we were transported to another place, another decade entirely. Rave On! was on the night’s stage, featuring Omaha musician Billy McGuigan in his highly acclaimed (and long lasting) role as the legendary … Continue reading

What I’m Loving Right Now

I’ve been blogging recently about Big Omaha. A lot. Today, I felt the need for a little lighter blogging. Some tasty treats, you might say. To that end, below are links to things that I am Loving Right Now. • Tweety Got Back – There’s absolutely no reason to use a default Twitter background anymore. … Continue reading

Big Omaha 2011: Top Tweets

One of the many wonderful aspects of the Big Omaha experience is the ability to communicate and interact with other conference attendees – and those following the chatter from afar  – through Twitter. I kept my trusty iPad close by throughout the two-day conference, using my Twitter account to post some of the more meaningful … Continue reading

Big Omaha Recap: More to Come

A quick glance to my right displays a numerical digital readout. And the numbers obviously tell me I am crazy. It is 5:11 a.m. on a Saturday, and I am wide awake. I have found myself bright-eyed at this hour many times before; its occurrence is almost always the result of something inspirational. (Full disclosure: … Continue reading

Congratulations, Graduates

To the more than 1,700 University of Nebraska at Omaha students who will graduate today, congratulations! You are walking in UNO’s largest commencement ceremony in the university’s 103-year-old history.

A Royally Global Affair

What a beautiful day for a wedding. I have watched with rapture for the past twelve hours at the gorgeous images beamed back to America, and am loving everything I see. My excitement, sentimentality, amazement, and tremendous interest in today’s Royal Wedding certainly caught me off guard. I barely batted an eye when the engagement … Continue reading