Billy as Buddy, And Better Than Ever

Last Saturday my mom and I took a trip back in time. Nestled inside the Howard Drew Theatre at the Omaha Community Playhouse, we were transported to another place, another decade entirely. Rave On! was on the night’s stage, featuring Omaha musician Billy McGuigan in his highly acclaimed (and long lasting) role as the legendary Buddy Holly.

I had the opportunity to visit with Billy back in 2005 while he was on tour. He was funny, humble, kind, and, at the time, in the beginning stages of a show that would take him crisscrossing around the country, playing to packed shows night after night. Saturday evening was no different. Billy’s unmistakable charm and wit were ever present throughout the more than two-hour performance. His back-up band was consistently energetic and highly entertaining, never missing a note, a footstep, a laugh.

And the glasses. Did I mention the glasses? Just look at those glasses.

Do yourself a favor and see this show. The sweet lyrics, fun melodies, and high energy of the evening will make you glad you did.

Rave On: The Buddy Holly Experience plays through Sunday, June 26 at the Omaha Community Playhouse, 6915 Cass St.


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