What I’m Loving Right Now

I’ve been blogging recently about Big Omaha. A lot. Today, I felt the need for a little lighter blogging. Some tasty treats, you might say. To that end, below are links to things that I am Loving Right Now.

Tweety Got Back – There’s absolutely no reason to use a default Twitter background anymore. Pretty up your profile, please.

Pinterest – It’s an incredibly simple way to share breathtaking images of stuff you love. When I need inspiration or just a little mental “oomph” late in the day, a few clicks about Pinterest does the trick. P.S. You can find my pins at pinterest.com/wendytownley.

Cartolina – When I’m bored with text messages, I use Cartolina. It’s an iPhone app that lets me send pretty messages to my friends. What could be easier? Or more gratifying? A handwritten letter, maybe.

Letter Writers Alliance – Speaking of handwritten letters, the LWA is a clever, member-based organization that connects pen pals and feeds the addictions of letter writers and paper lovers everywhere. Time to buy some postage stamps.

Zaarly – OK, OK. So this one is somewhat related to Big Omaha, as I heard the company’s founder speak on day two. But since Zaarly launched yesterday, I have found myself super curious about who’s looking for what in Omaha (and what they’re willing to pay). You can use the website, or simply follow @ZaarlyFeedOmaha on Twitter. My goal is to earn a few extra bucks this summer in the wackiest way possible, and then write about it.

Altitude Design Summit – I was late to the game for this conference, but made up for lost time by just following the chatter on Twitter. I recall reading about the speakers and looking at the gorgeous photos that the event’s very stylish attendees posted online and thought, “Wow! How did I miss this? And can I go next year?” Count me in for 2012.

Alex and Ani – No, they’re not the latest folk rock duo. They are jewelry designers that I discovered on Bluefly. To date I have purchased (and now wear every single day) two of their clever bracelets and hope to line my wrists with more in the future. Best of all: they’re affordable.

Overheard in the Newsroom – It’s no secret that I’m a recovering journalist. Actually, scratch that. I may no longer write full-time for a newspaper, but I’m cut from the same cloth and just can’t surrender my few years’ experience in the newsroom. Which is why this website has become a favorite of mine. They are quotes that are actually spoken (and subsequently recorded) in today’s newsrooms. A comment I just love from a reporter: “This is turning into a giant clusterf*ck, which means it’ll be a great story.”

What are you loving right this minute? Tell us!


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