We Didn’t Idle; Neither Should You

My head was still spinning and my heart was still aflutter following Big Omaha when a direct message via Twitter from Jeff Slobotski illuminated my iPad.

Whoa nelly! :) It’s out… http://t.co/pGH8pZ2 – NICE work!

Jeff passed along an amazing opportunity to me a few weeks ago. As a member of the Domino Project Street Team, Jeff was charged with finding creatives who could tell the story of their work for a new eBook, No Idling: 30 inspiring stories from those who do the work. The Domino Project, the brainchild of Seth Godin, is a new publishing endeavor that’s powered by Amazon. And to be affiliated with Seth and his new project is nothing short of stunning.

I was honored to be considered by Jeff, and promptly drafted my essay on my experiences about the year leading up to the publication of Nerdy Thirty.

With opportunities such as these, there is never a guarantee that what you submit will actually get published. I collected my thoughts and sent them to Jeff. I didn’t follow up with Jeff or ask if my work was selected. In all honesty, I rarely do. I was confident in my essay and crossed my fingers that the book’s editors felt the same. And if they didn’t, no harm done.

Big Omaha came and Big Omaha went, and I didn’t give my submission much thought since. Until, that is, I heard the good news from Jeff.

As I mentioned throughout this morning on Twitter, I am supremely humbled, honored, and excited to be among a small group of only thirty creatives across the country. I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention that my creative pal RDQLUS Creative (see Page 5) was also included in No Idling. (Omaha, represent!)

Of course the words our are own, but the thanks goes directly to Jeff for offering up such an amazing opportunity. It seems extremely appropriate that the news of the eBook arrives on the heels of Big Omaha. Jeff and his team have made supporting and celebrating us creatives across the Silicon Prairie their main focus. This eBook is further proof of that.

Please spend a few moments downloading and reading through this eBook, and share it with family and friends. And let me know what you think. The stories throughout are uniquely inspiring, and may be just the motivation you need to live your passion and create your future.


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