A Royally Global Affair

Photo courtesy CNN.com

What a beautiful day for a wedding. I have watched with rapture for the past twelve hours at the gorgeous images beamed back to America, and am loving everything I see.

My excitement, sentimentality, amazement, and tremendous interest in today’s Royal Wedding certainly caught me off guard. I barely batted an eye when the engagement announcement was made late last year. But I wasn’t yet engaged late last year, and certainly wasn’t giving much thought to my own wedding. I suppose getting engaged in February changed my view on such matters, which is why I found myself wide awake at 5:30 this morning, drinking in every camera shot, every witty commentary on CNN. Still dressed in my PJs, I found myself glued to my tiny television and feeling a part of something very spectacular, very important, and – let’s be honest – very beautiful.

Wendy and Matt, Feburary 2011

And while the entire world didn’t physically travel to London today, we certainly were there in many ways.

What we are witnessing and conversing about (thanks to Twitter and #royalwedding) is a once-in-a-lifetime affair that likely won’t be duplicated for quite some time. William and Kate have, rather quickly, found their way into the hearts of not just England, but the entire globe. Something like two billion people followed this morning’s events, and the conversation will undoubtedly continue. And while I can’t say that I consider myself particularly giddy about selecting the minute and ornate details that make any wedding special, I can’t help but smile and gaze upon today’s newlyweds across the pond, watching in wonder as what has taken place.

All because a couple of kids fell in love.


4 thoughts on “A Royally Global Affair

  1. You know, I was kindof feeling the same. At the same time I was noting how beautiful her gown was, with the lace sleeves, I thought of my own gown. Loaned to me by my mother, the lace sleeves were hand-made for her — and it was lovely. I know the world isn’t in the greatest shape right now, but I appreciate the ceremony, the tradition and the beauty of this. With our circumstances, we could use a little pomp!

  2. Thank goodness the wedding is over. Now I can go about my business of dodging dodgy tourists who are there to see the sites instead of those who are gushing about seeing the wedding. Also, Pippa Middleton is hot. That is all from this side of the pond. Back to you, Wendy.

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