Good Night, and Good Luck.

Earlier today I said goodbye to a good friend whom I have come to know during the past year. The details of our friendship is much like yours, or of those you know. Similar interests and approaches to our life’s work brought us together, but an appreciation of what we shared and were working toward make the friendship supremely worthwhile.

What has made our friendship so gratifying for me is seeing his progress, and witnessing his transformation. Tomorrow he boards a plane for the Big City, leaving behind the Small Towns he has known and within whose confines he has found tremendous comfort – but also tremendous growth. In a city like Omaha, where entrepreneurs and new ideas and collaborative projects abound and are all around, my friend went after his dream. Using the spear of his hard work, determination, and experiences, he sent that spear sailing, hoping and praying it would pierce and produce a picture-perfect opportunity.

And it did.

The details and descriptions of his inspiring story are not as important today as they will be six months from now, six years from now. What matters today is his unwavering discipline and appreciation of pure opportunity. Of simply the chance to try. Of maybe not getting there on the first attempt, but knowing, deep down, that at least the attempt was made. There has not been – and I am confident in saying nor will there ever be – a sense of entitlement or air of seniority about my good friend. There is only what he has right now: the opportunity, the tools, and the drive to want more. To do more. To see more and feel more. To be more.

We should all be so fortunate and feel so humbled to stride through life with the passion he possesses, the instinct to do what is right and bypass what is not; to savor each day, each interaction, and each experience with such gratitude that the end product – what is most coveted – is only part of the picture.

I feel fortunate to have been part of his recent journey, and am beyond excited to witness what comes next. Rest assured he will savor each day more so than the previous, drinking in his new surroundings, his new challenges and experiences and successes with the same vigor that brought him to this very important day. It is, of course, what the whole journey has been about.

Good luck, my good friend.


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