Something New

Today marks the first day of spring. Thank goodness! We have survived yet another frigid and seemingly endless Nebraska winter. The greening grass below my feet and sweet little birds I hear moments before my alarm sounds each morning are welcoming reminders of what is to come.

Today also marks the one-month anniversary of my engagement to Matt. Just past sunset on Sunday, February 20, overlooking the ocean in the picture-perfect setting of the Bahamas, Matt – my boyfriend and best friend of nearly five years – set in motion an exciting new chapter in both of our lives. With a breathtaking gesture that was straight from the heart, Matt proposed; and, of course, I said yes.

And in a way, it wasn’t just me saying yes. It was both of us. We said yes. In an act and tradition that is older than both of us, older than everyone we know, we pledged to commit ourselves to a new and exciting future filled with both the comforts of familiarity and the delight of new and shared experiences lasting a lifetime. There is a promise of something beautiful and new that is about to happen.

Just like spring.

Overlooking the ocean, where Matt and I started a new chapter on Sunday, February 20.


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