A Fresh New Face

Something looks different here, you’re thinking to yourself. Wendy has changed her blog’s design yet again.

It’s true.

One of the conditions of being a creative is that my overactive mind is always mulling over new ways of looking at the world. New ways to make my work look better, read better, new ways to inspire others. Being a creative also means I tend to get bored with my surroundings. And if I’m bored, I find myself uninspired and, at times, unable to create something new. The ability to log into WordPress and pick a pretty new theme with just a few clicks of my Mighty Mouse makes the opportunity very attractive and rather hard to resist.

Those crafty devils at WordPress recently added the Liquorice theme, whose retro fonts and cool colors I found absolutely irresistible; and whose design I loved so much that I was able to look past the theme’s obvious misspelling. (That’s the writer in me.)

While clicking about my new blog, you may have also discovered a new domain: wendywriter.com. After nearly eight years of maintaining a blog, I felt it was high time to showcase a domain that spoke very succinctly to my life’s work, what you’ll find here, and a little alliteration that was too good not to use. The new domain was born from my two previous blogs, which first lived at wendywriter.livejournal.com, followed by wendywriter.wordpress.com. The WordPress URL remains active for those of you who have been so kind to bookmark this space; you’ll simply be automatically redirected to my new, simpler domain.

Will Liquorice stick around forever? I doubt it. But for now, it seems the perfect space to share my work, my thoughts, my photographs, my stories, and my recipes, various and sporadic though they may be.


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