Now Hear This: @badbanana on AM Radio

Last fall I joined The Weekly Grind radio show as the first female co-host. It has been an exciting and fun few months alongside co-hosts Bryan Mohr and Mike Shearer. We’ve had a variety of talented, funny, and passionate young professionals in our studio and have learned so much about the creative talent in this city that I – and so many others – call home.

This past Saturday was an extra special Saturday, as we welcomed the funniest man on Twitter, @badbanana, on the air as a special c0-host for the entire hour. And gosh by golly, did we have fun! Our topics were varied and the jokes were hilarious. And the random and intermittent quips by Tim Siedell were all the convincing that we (and our listeners) needed: he’s just as funny in person as he is on Twitter. (But he looks nothing like his Twitter photo, the late giant of advertising, David Ogilvy.)

The next time you have an hour or so, download Saturday’s episode and savor the humor that is @badbanana. After hearing his voice, you may never read Tim’s tweets the same way again.


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