Goals and Reflections: Radvent 2010

As the joyful chaos of the Christmas season approaches, I find my to-do list growing by the minute. Holiday shopping, wrapping gifts, decorating, cocktail parties, festive gatherings, and baking fill my awake hours, but other errands and small projects inevitably surface, as well. When this happens, blogging and my own writing quickly become less of a priority.

Bah, humbug.

You can imagine my delight when a request from Megan Hunt – best known as Princess Lasertron – recently landed in my inbox. The proposal was simple enough: respond to daily questions on my blog as part of her inaugural Radvent 2010 project.

In Megan’s words, the blogging project is designed to “honor and respect the experiences from this year and re-examine my goals and hopes for the coming year.” As a writer, I jumped at the opportunity to do the same – in my own words – periodically throughout December. And as I quickly approach my thirty-second birthday, the timing of such reflection could not be more appropriate.

The first topic for December 1 is all about remembering.

To see where I was in December 2005, I first needed to check my website to confirm my place of employment. As the snow flurries began to fly that year, I was a few months on the job of my very first public relations position. Earlier in the year I left the world of newspapers for a new life in public relations, a tough decision that I still think of to this day. Newspaper ink was in my blood – still in my blood, to some degree – and I often wondered whether the professional transition from reporter to pitch(wo)man was a smart one. I floundered at first in a sea of press releases, media advisories, client meetings, and talking points. Yet I stood solid on my experience and talents as a writer, and knew practice would eventually make perfect … or something resembling it. I made mistakes, but learned from them, too. I met a new cadre of other young public relations professionals who today remain good friends.

Without my conscious knowledge, one relationship was ending while another was just beginning. The following spring of 2006 would become one of the most challenging of my life, but it made me stronger and the person I am today. A peek at a December 31, 2005, blog posting provided a prelude of what was to come. Personal and professional change certainly permeated the air, and I routinely prayed that my decisions at the time were the best I could make. Among the chaos I kept busy with my relatively new full-time job, side projects, volunteer commitments, and new friends. I grew into my twenties and became more of an adult than ever before.

And as challenging as adulthood was at the time, it felt good and right. Exactly where I was supposed to be, even if my surroundings were new and quite unfamiliar. I sought a peaceful, calm, and creatively gratifying life that motivated me to work hard, meet new people, and embrace new ideas. Five years later, I’m pleased to report the work has been well worth it.

Now, allow me to pose the same questions to you: What were you doing five years ago today? As the holiday season began? Where were you? Who were you with? What did you want? What did you have?

What are you thinking?

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