Perfect for Fall: Pizza Breads

Living in Nebraska, we are wonderfully blessed with the changing of seasons. Summer’s bright, hot skies and lush green trees are replaced with cooler days (and evenings), and the prettiest colors Mother Nature can create. There’s something very special about living in the Midwest and experiencing fall first-hand.

My sister moved from Nebraska to California nearly eight years ago and, sadly, doesn’t experience fall’s natural beauty and bounty. However, Katie does a fantastic job recreating fall in her tiny Anaheim kitchen with our mom’s signature Pizza Bread recipe.

I was inspired to make Pizza Breads this week after a recent Facebook posting by Katie, citing her preparations for a fall feast of her very own. The Pizza Breads are hearty and simple, warm and gooey, substantial and just plain delicious. Because of this, I just had to share the recipe and a few photos with you.

You’ll need two cans of tomato soup, onion powder (or one onion, diced), one pound of ground beef, a loaf of Italian or sourdough bread, and eight ounces of sharp cheddar cheese, cut into small cubes. (A few additions you may toss in for extra goodness include one can of black olives, drained and chopped; and one can of sliced mushrooms, drained.)

Brown the ground beef along with the onion powder or diced onion until cooked completely. Drain the excess fat, and set aside in a large mixing bowl to cool.

Once the meat/onion mix is cool, carefully add the two cans of tomato soup, followed by the cheese cubes, and the optional black olives and/or mushrooms.

Before scooping the mixture on bread, I suggest broiling one side of the bread for a few minutes, allowing the bread to toast lightly – but be careful not to burn the bread. This will allow for a more solid base for the Pizza Bread mixture.

Scoop small spoonfuls of the delicious concoction onto the lightly toasted bread. Broil the Pizza Breads in your oven, keeping the oven door ajar to watch them closely. It only takes a few minutes for the cheese cubes to melt, the ground beef to warm, and the bread to toast just a tad more.

Browse Facebook while you wait.

Serve! This batch had a few burned edges, but still tasted scrumptious. (Perhaps I should put down the iPad while making dinner.)

A clean plate (and a full, satisfied belly) are all that remain. Happy eating, and happy fall!


4 thoughts on “Perfect for Fall: Pizza Breads

  1. I apologize for any and none of the ensuing negative comments. I really have a hard time believing that you are not only a college graduate, but also a ‘working writer’. Your drivel is akin to that of Rainbow Rowell. You really need to gather a clue whereas, I am sincerely saddened to learn that you are actively engaged in the pursuit of professing to journalism students. I should not be suprised by this knowing that Karen Weber was/is a professor at your place of employment. If you are compelled to do what you do, please feel free to throw in the old towell and just give up so we may all enjoy the filler that we avoid in the ‘living’ section of the local rag.

    • Typically when I don’t like something, I stop reading it. I have a hard time believing that negativity is productive. I also have a hard time believing that personal attacks make your point.
      It takes courage to write and share in a public forum, to be willing to author an argument and sign your name.

      Wendy- You keep doing what you do!

  2. As a graduate of the program where both Wendy and Karen work, I can say that I learned enough from both inside and outside of the classroom from both parties to know that leaving anonymous posts on blogs is both counter-productive and a waste of personal time. Thank you for demeaning four years of my time and learning with your hateful comments.

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