They Brought A Couch

Des Moines, Iowa, is an uneventful and rather peaceful two-hour, eastward drive from Omaha, Nebraska. I found myself making the commute last month following an invitation to speak to members of Social Media Club Des Moines – also known lovingly as SMCDSM. (Quite clever, if you ask me.) Buzz from Nerdy Thirty arrived in Des Moines by way of Josh Fleming of Ad Mavericks fame, and a flurry of emails followed, making our discussions reality.

Buzz began on Twitter a few weeks before my scheduled speaking gig at The Machine Shed, a kitschy and sprawling “down home” restaurant and gift shop that serves lunch portions the size of most families’ Sunday dinners. As the online chatter continued, a particular tweet caught my attention. Folks from Strategic America, a Des Moines-based marketing agency, would load up their thirty-year-old leather couch and bring it to the SMCDSM event.

I’m not joking.

You can imagine my delight when I arrived at The Machine Shed to see the couch I only saw in tiny Twitter pictures, alive and well and ready for some company. I mean, the couch – aptly named The Chesterfield – is not only on Twitter, but it has its own blog, for goodness sake. This couch has some personality, and several SMCDSM guests got cozy on the couch (and snapped a few photos) before my presentation.

My talk focused on social media marketing and traditional media relations for the promotion of Nerdy Thirty. The group of fifty-plus people laughed at my jokes (bless their hearts) and asked some intriguing questions. The SMCDSM board and those who attended the event were nothing short of friendly and welcoming, and I thank them for their hospitality and good will. Everyone felt like fast friends, many of whom offered the most sincere compliments after my presentation.

Just one question remains, however: When can I come back?


2 thoughts on “They Brought A Couch

  1. Next time you are here I think we should go on a Machine Shed shopping spree and then hit the town in our new gear. (Bedazzled sweatshirts with holiday themes are commonly referred to as “gear”)
    You went to a lesbian bar in a blouse so I say, a sports bar in a sparkly pumpkin sweatshirt.

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