A Few Of My Favorites

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Late last year I committed to becoming better in the kitchen. And when I say better I mean more focused when preparing meals. I’ve masted boiling pasta, sautéing garlic, preparing eggs scrambled and sunny-side up; but those meals get old very, very quickly.

I’ve heard friends mention the Campbell’s Kitchen website. So one Sunday afternoon I ventured to that particular URL to find recipes that looked easy and edible. Pleased and delighted best describe those recipes I found, saved to My Recipe Box, and savored on weeknights when I’m short on time, or Sunday afternoons when the crave to cook is greatest.

I have plenty to learn about food preparation, but the Campbell’s recipes have proven to be a great start for beginners like me. Here are links to a few of my favorites.

Now, what’s your favorite (and easy) dinnertime recipe? Remember, I’m a newbie foodie.


2 thoughts on “A Few Of My Favorites

  1. Have you looked at investing in a slow cooker and using that for meals? Many Crock Pot recipes are as simple as throwing the ingredients in and setting the unit on low for 8-9 hours without any other steps midway. Cooking via Crock Pot is great for the weekdays when you don’t feel like cooking after you get home from work.

    There are plenty of sites out there with Crock Pot recipes if you want to look into the idea further.

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