Spreading the Love ♥

An active conversation about freelance creative work across the country is taking place on LinkedIn in the Creative Freelancer Conference group. The group is an offshoot of a new conference blog of the same name that’s picking up steam.

Earlier this week I weighed in on a conversation about the value of printed marketing materials. For Nerdy Thirty, I have had tremendous success with five-by-seven glossy postcards and nifty square stickers. Those two projects – along with the book’s cover – were created by three separate graphic designers: two in Omaha, one in Brooklyn.

Some folks on this particular thread questioned why I didn’t stick with just one graphic designer for the entire Nerdy Thirty marketing project. Initially, I was quite surprised by the question. Some said they felt using multiple designers smacked of disloyalty to the others and jeopardized brand consistency. “Nay,” I said to them:

I live in Omaha. We have a very collaborative creative community. The minute I knew Nerdy Thirty was going to be published, I wanted to “spread the wealth” as much as possible among the graphic designers I knew. The two designers who worked on the book cover and stickers, individually, happen to be very good friends. The woman who designed the postcards is a friend of mine in New York. All three graphic designers played together very, very well, and I was honest and up front with each that I was working with multiple people — again, to give everyone a chance to add a new project to their portfolio. I don’t think my brand suffered by using three graphic designers.

Now, it’s your turn. What are your thoughts on graphic designers and brand consistency?


2 thoughts on “Spreading the Love ♥

  1. I’m just guessing here, but I’m willing to bet that what played a critical role in establishing consistency throughout your marketing efforts was that you clearly communicated with everyone involved. That is way more important than how many people were on the team that put the materials together.

    By the way, the marketing pieces turned out great!

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