A Very Nerdy Birthday

The minute I saw Melissa Morris Ivone’s birthday invitation posted on Facebook, I … was … speechless. Literally.

Melissa is a lovely (almost) thirty-something living in Philadelphia whom I met through my dear friend and Sticker King RDQLUS Creative (otherwise known to others – and me – as Steve Gordon) earlier this year. Melissa was one of the first non-Nebraska folks who not only inquired about Nerdy Thirty, but also bought a copy. Since then we have had fun conversing on Twitter and Facebook. Then her email landed in my inbox a few weeks ago.

She pitched the idea of hosting a Nerdy Thirty birthday party in late August for her own thirtieth. Flattered and delighted do not begin to describe how I felt; I was so humbled that Melissa not only developed the idea, but had the lovely, lovely courtesy to ask. What a delight! Of course I granted my permission – which is worth precious little – and encouraged Melissa to document the entire affair with photos and a blog post.

And what Melissa provides after her August 28 soirée, I will most certainly share with you.


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