Bonjour de Le Marché!

Le Marché – pronounced “luh mar-shay” – is French for “the market” or “the find.” The store is certainly a lovely find that I discovered three or four years ago in Omaha’s charming Dundee neighborhood. The owners are a dynamic mother/daughter duo who are friendly as the day is long and have absolutely sublime taste when it comes to jewelery and home décor. As many who shop Le Marché have said – and I can eagerly attest to – their store is an absolute vision, and I would count myself lucky if  just one corner of my home shared the same sense of style.

After Le Marché moved to Omaha’s Countryside Village, I happily followed owners Pat and Melanie Nichilo without hesitation. I continue to find the cutest, most clever holiday and birthday gifts for the special ladies in my life (and for myself). So when word of Nerdy Thirty surfaced earlier this year, daughter Melanie asked if Le Marché could sell the book. “Could they?” I enthusiastically thought to myself. “Absolutely!”

Once books went on sale, Melanie followed up with another idea: a Le Marché book signing. It quickly became thick, rich icing on an already delicious cake that allowed Nerdy Thirty to be shared with patrons and friends of Le Marché.

Which brings me to earlier this week and our very special book signing. The store looked precious and was dripping with shelves and stacks of new items: candles, jewelry, picture frames, furniture. The list goes on and on. Near the front windows Pat and Melanie had arranged my book-signing table on a vintage wooden bureau, surrounded by photos from my childhood and adolescent years. Le Marché served free snacks and wine, along with a twenty-percent discount on everything in the store … including Nerdy Thirty.

I floated throughout the store during my three-hour event, chatting with familiar friends and meeting new ones. Le Marché is unmistakably an estrogen-laden experience, so you can imagine why I was over the moon when my boyfriend, Matt, and our friend, Monty, stopped by. They certainly looked out of place, but I couldn’t stop smiling as they ever-so-precariously moved through the store.

To those of you who stopped by Le Marché on Wednesday (especially Steve Gordon, who took most of the photos you see here with the Hipstamatic iPhone app), I thank you! You made a lovely evening even more special.


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