Songs for Giants

Matt is my boyfriend and Ben is his brother and anything I likely say about their work on Twister 93.3 or on their new comedy album, Songs for Giants, will most certainly be biased. It just will be. You know that and I know that.

However, I consider myself a rather creative, 31-year-old woman who just happens to fancy a dirty joke every now and again. As such, I find Songs for Giants to be hilarious. The 33-track, 58-minute album is nonstop funny front to back, with Matt and Ben’s signature radio jingles mixed with longer songs they’ve written while squirreled away in the bowels of the well-known KFAB building in Dundee.

The boys have a, well, unique sense of humor, as Matt recently shared with Chris Larkin of Shout! Weekly.

Most of the things on the album, they all seem really weird and obscure, but they all stem from something that happened to us. Flight of the Conchords was a big influence, as far as what we did musically, and as part of the joke of being in a completely failed band, but we went through everything, the most horrible situations you could possibly imagine. Everything in that song, “I’ve Seen Everything In A Band,” really happened to people in our band: getting attacked by an overgrown man dressed as a woman, a water main flooding our hotel at six in the morning, getting booked in hip-hop clubs that they decided not to tell us were hip-hop clubs. Every possible horror situation happened to us, and a lot of this is us being able to laugh at ourselves.

I’m never without a pen and paper in my purse, as Matt’s song ideas surface at sometimes the most unusual of times. When the lyrics begin to bubble, a few notes jotted down can mean the beginning of something quirky and wonderful – or not. But capturing the idea is the first step, regardless of your craft.

Matt and Ben have the unique ability to take seemingly unfunny people and positions in life and transform them into something unusually funny. Some of the songs are so fun that you may just find yourself singing along in your car on a late Saturday night. I certainly have – and Matt will be the first to tell you I’m no singer.

If you haven’t yet experienced Matt and Ben, you’re in luck! They’re performing Friday, July 16 at Louis Bar for the 2010 Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards Summer Showcase.


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