Giggles from Matt and Ben

Saturday night’s Nerdy Thirty celebration at the Omaha Press Club was certainly an enjoyable evening, made all the better by family, friends, and new faces who attended. Joining me in reading passages from their books were Jeff Koterba, author of Inklings, and Michael Campbell, author of Are You Going To Eat That? Both are local authors whom I’m delighted to also call dear friends. We chatted the night away, talked about our books, and even sold a few signed copies.

The comedy (and real-life brother) duo of Matt and Ben kicked off the evening with their signature brand of very unique humor. Providing commentary and brief “biographies” on us three writers, Matt and Ben had the crowd in stitches. I so enjoyed their remarks that I’ve posted them below.

Visit the Nerdy Thirty Flickr page for more photos from Saturday night.

Of special note: Matt and Ben will celebrate the release of their first, full-length comedy album, Songs for Giants, this weekend in Omaha. Join them at the Dundee Dell Friday from 3 to 9 p.m. for a listening party, free food, and drink specials. On Saturday the boys will perform at 10 p.m. at The Syndey (formerly Mick’s) in Benson, as part of the 2010 Benson Summer Festival.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and everyone in between. Tonight we are here to celebrate words. Who doesn’t love a good word? People who can’t read, that’s who. Sometimes I like to make up my own words, like parfunky. Tonight we celebrate three authors who have taken words and made people laugh, cry and sometimes feel mild constipation. All three of the authors tonight are pioneers on the mysterious and unforgiving plains of literature. How do I know this?  Well, I read it in a book. Sure it was a book I wrote, a one-page book that I’m holding right now but it was a book none the less.

Now there are two types of people in this world, men and women, and from what we know Wendy Townley is a woman. Wendy Townley is a woman so smart Stephen Hawking once stood up to bow down to her. She won the world Scrabble competition in 1997 and from that moment on the word slent has been added to all dictionaries as an acceptable synonym for smell. She is so respected around the world that in fact, Mya Angelou has a tattoo of Wendy’s name on her inner left thigh. Her mild mannered alter ego is Wonder Woman. She is so respected Rosa Parks once refused to give up her seat on a bus because she was saving it for Wendy Townley.

And then there’s Jeff Koterba, writer, musician, artist, part-time adventureristian. His wit is so good it can turn an M&M into a Skittle. He often rides a wild boar to work and wrestles wild bears for candy bars. His pictures aren’t worth a thousand words; they’re worth at least two thousand, maybe more. Two thousand words that Jeff himself wrote. Words like ballsy and magnesium. His political humor brings so much social change that, in fact, Jay Z once rapped about his 99 problems, all of which were Jeff Koterba. When Jeff Koterba once visited Washington, D.C., Abe Lincoln offered him his seat – which Jeff politely declined, saying, quote, “I don’t believe in sitting down, I believe in sitting up.”  Many have probably heard the story of how Jeff was struck by lightening but this is simply not true; lightening was struck by Jeff Koterba. To say he is simply a man of mystery, adventure and innovation is to say Picasso was merely good at finger painting. Yes, I think it’s fair to say Jeff Koterba is the balls.

Which brings us to Michael Campbell – author, musician, lion tamer, part-time foot model. Michael Campbell was once quite the ladies man, in fact, he once went on a writing retreat to the Virgin Islands and they have been known since then as just The Islands. Michael Campbell has such an influence on vocabulary, that in a single sentence he invented the words magnanimous and bootylicious. Simply put, Michael Campbell is a majestic mallard patrolling the skies of literature like a pterodactyl. He is a bald eagle in a world of parakeets…except for Wendy and Jeff, who are also bald eagles. Now, you might be asking yourself, “What’s with all the bird analogies?” And to be honest…I have no idea. That’s the power Michael Campbell has over you. In fact, Michael Campbell is so powerful he keeps a horde of trained honeybees in his hair to let loose at a moment’s notice. He once wrestled a bear, an alligator, and a mountain lion at the same time, and won by tying them together with an anaconda. What I’m trying to say is, for Michael Campbell, pimping is easy.


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