Time to Crack the Mic

“Cracking the mic” is an old radio axiom about turning on one’s microphone and, literally, going on the air. For me, Saturday morning marks my first mic-cracking experience for Nerdy Thirty. I’ll be a guest on The Weekly Grind at 10 a.m. CST. (In Omaha, tune your radio dial to 1180 AM. From the nether-regions of the World Wide Web, consider streaming the broadcast online via The Weekly Grind’s website.)

Saturday won’t be my first time “on the radio,” but it will be the first time I promote (let’s be honest here: pimp) something that’s uniquely and unquestionably my own. The experience has taken some getting used to. I work in public relations for a living, so you would think such experiences are easy, breezy, and effortless. For me: not always. I find great satisfaction discussing and celebrating the projects and ideas of others. But when talking about my work, my life, and my book, I fear coming across too boastful, too egotistical, too full-of-myself.

Marketing and promotions is a double-edged sword: too much and you tune people out; too little and they never hear a word you say. Social media and Web 2.0 have given me the sublime opportunity to publicly promote Nerdy Thirty from the comfort and quiet of my own home. Facebook and Twitter have allowed me to shout about the book but with small, incremental details that, together, gently whisper the whole story.

Don’t get me wrong, though. I’m a natural born Social Butterfly and absolutely love floating about a cocktail reception, a little mixing here, a little mingling there. These days I give great thought to my new role as a “minor celebrity,” especially when I hear the phrase, “So, tell me about your new book.”

When I turned thirty a few years back, I closely examined my life and marveled at the sheer number of unusual experiences I had. The common thread I found woven through all of these events is how awkward I felt. Being blessed with a wry sense of humor gave me the courage I needed to write about my experiences in Nerdy Thirty, with the hopes that fellow nerds will laugh at my stories as well as their own.

Perhaps my experience during the next few months will yield more than few chuckles. Here’s hoping.


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