Coming Soon! Nerdy Thirty by Wendy Townley

Late last year I shared the exciting news of my first book. Nerdy Thirty will be published this spring by WriteLife, and I couldn’t be more thrilled at the prospect of reading my work in print. The book is a collection of humorous essays that recount personal experiences from childhood, my painfully awkward teen years, college and those leading up to the big three-oh, which happened in December 2008.

I began writing the book nearly six years ago without really knowing it. Last year, after turning thirty, I put “pen to paper” and got serious about writing a book, something I’ve talked about for years.

In the coming weeks expect a sneak peek at the book’s cover design, publication date, Web site launch, book readings and signings, and more! In the meantime, remember to bookmark the Nerdy Thirty Web site, along with the book’s Facebook and Twitter pages. And if you want to be kept in-the-know about Nerdy Thirty happenings, join the email list. Just send a note to


6 thoughts on “Coming Soon! Nerdy Thirty by Wendy Townley

  1. Hi Wen,

    Couldn’t be more proud of you & your first book! I am so happy & thrilled for you. The minute you were born,you took my breath away & continue to do so! What a smart & loving daughter you are! I had better stop for now, before I flood my keyboard with “Happy” tears…


    Mom xoxox

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