Free to a Good Home

I’ve loved and cared for these two houseplants for the past five years. However, my house receives precious little natural sunlight throughout the day – regardless of the season. These plants could likely thrive much better in a home more suited for growing such greenery.

With that, I’m looking to place these two houseplants in loving homes in the Omaha area. You are welcome to both, or just one. Comment below if you’re interested. You’ll receive the pots, as well.

My thumb couldn’t be less green, so I can’t give you any details about the types of plants these are. Just know that they are healthy (as far as I can tell) and need water about once a week.


One thought on “Free to a Good Home

  1. I’m interested in adopting a plant but I can’t see the pics for soem reason :-(
    I do get plenty of natual sunlight in my house and could use more plants. {lease let me know if you think I might make a suitable home

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