When Dreams Intersect With Reality

I know I’ve spent a considerable amount of time working on a project when it shows up in my dreams. That happened last night. The scene, as I slumbered the night away: I was working alongside the BrightMix team for the redesign of the Silicon Prairie News Web site.

In real life I helped Silicon Prairie News edit existing copy and develop a style guide for Danny and the other contributors. I spent a small handful of evening hours reviewing and rewriting headlines and body copy.

In my dream I repeated the same tasks but we all were way ahead of schedule: two hours in advance of our launch time, in fact!

In real life, working with Danny and the BrightMix collective was an absolute treat. They are a passionate group of creative designers and developers – many of whom, despite their initial quiet demeanor, are a riot.

Working on the new Web site was an exciting opportunity and one I simply couldn’t pass up. And given the occasion to meet so many of the local Twitter users and hyperlinked names I’ve seen on the Web, I jumped at the chance.

Click over to the new (and improved!) Silicon Prairie News to hear the countless other stories of the region’s movers and shakers, dreamers and doers.  And if you’re free, swing by tonight’s launch party to celebrate the continuation of something big.


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