Lesbians and Blouses

This past week a number of readers have keyed search terms such as “lesbians,” “blouse” and “lesbian bar” into my blog. Makes me wonder if they’re just itchin’ to read an essay I wrote back in 2007: “I Wore A Blouse To A Lesbian Bar.”

With that, please allow me to re-post a favorite essay of mine: https://wendywriter.wordpress.com/2007/01/08/i-wore-a-blouse-to-a-lesbian-bar/

I hope you enjoy reading about my experience as much as I enjoyed writing about it.

# # #


3 thoughts on “Lesbians and Blouses

  1. I know the dear female friend you speak of and I could vividly hear her say, “Girl…” to you. I say “Girl…” because of her influence.

    And I pictured this whole scenario taking place at the Lesbian bar next to Dixie Quicks, so I hope that’s indeed where it happened. :)

  2. Thanks for your comments! I appreciate your feedback and thank you for reading my blog. Stay tuned for my next essay: camping for the first time!

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