Discarding Wisdom (Teeth)

In a few short weeks the four wisdom teeth I’ve known my entire adult life will be extracted by an oral surgeon in a matter (I’m told) of 30 minutes. The recovery is what I fear most.

Matt jokes that he plans to produce a similar video (see below) in the hours and days afteward, when the swelling subsides and the drugs wear off.

Let’s pray his camera battery dies the day before.

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10 thoughts on “Discarding Wisdom (Teeth)

      • it’s really not bad at all. they hook you up to an IV, count back from 10 (i got to like 7), and it feels like seconds later you wake up and you’re done.
        good luck!

      • well i followed the info sheet word for word and i felt pretty much fine after about 3 days. for real food, i was really careful and started out super soft with mashed potatoes and whatnot for the first week, but definitely don’t try to eat real food for the first couple of days. i lived on ensure and slimfast shakes for vitamins and all. the stitches feel so weird! not painful just weird, and that gum area will be sensitive.

        and don’t use straws for like a month. soda can dissolve the clots too. ahh!

      • Mine was the same way…I was talking to the doctor and then woke up 15 minutes later and they were done.

        I felt weird for a couple hours (a nap helped greatly) from the anesthesia. They gave me some painkillers, but they made have hot flashes so I quit taking them. I was so hungry the day after my surgery from only eating soft foods that I ate some pizza the second day. I just was very careful to chew away from the surgery sites.

      • This helps :-) I’m just ready for the 19th to get here, and then be gone for good. This is something I do not want to repeat in the future, which is why I’m having all four removed at the same time.

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