More Than One Month Later

Much has happened since my last post. Not specifically to me personally, but in the broader sense. You may have found a new love, or ended a toxic relationship. You may have tried a new restaurant, or found a new professional calling.

The point is this: outside of blogging, life still happens.

My book idea is taking shape. I wished I could report that pages upon pages have been finalized and edited, but that isn’t the case just yet. Chapters have been written, but many more need refinement. Hell, those chapters need to be dumped from my brain to the page.

I’m toying with the idea of first rolling out the book as a free PDF and then, if I’m lucky, find a publisher to work its magic and make my words available in bookstores everywhere. (Kind of sounds like an ad line, I know.)

A few books I’ve read as of late have provided just the right amount of encouragement, inspiration and oomph to make me serious about my own writing. (And in case you are wondering, “oomph” is, indeed, a literary term.)

This fall in addition to work I’m taking another graduate class — Speech Communication — and teaching an undergraduate class — Media Writing. Needless to say, my once-brimming proverbial plate could easily overflow without proper attention.

But the drive and need to write never wanes. In fact, at my most stressful times, all I want to do is write, write, write the stress away.

In time, I am sure. In time.

For now, I will focus on the freelance article I need to wrap up, the prep work for next week’s Media Writing class, my Speech Communication homework and, of course, the cranberry bread I have baking in the oven.

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4 thoughts on “More Than One Month Later

      • Re: Sorry random journal reading

        I have ran across people that don’t understand the concept of public journals. They think that since it is a ‘journal’ that no one can read it cept for the people on their friends list. They didn’t like being proven wrong :) But I get bored easily as of lately, so I still read random journals anyway… I just apologies first as a defensive measure, people seem to be less likely to blow up at me that way.

        Humorous essays? Sounds cool!

        Since ya are a writer.. got a question for ya… how do you get past writers block? I heard this country song about a guy just wanting to become a memory in someones past but that person wouldn’t let go.. or something to that respect. I want to turn that into an alternative song, but every time I goto write I freeze and nothing comes out.

      • Re: Sorry random journal reading

        Writer’s block is hard and, thankfully, I’m not often under really strict deadlines where I need to write at a specific time. If I’m working on something that’s just for me and I experience writer’s block, I step away from the keyboard. I usually find inspiration elsewhere, and that helps.

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