The Written Word

If I know you and we have met, there’s quite a high chance I’ve sent you a card in the mail. Not an e-card (although I have been known to send those on occasion), but a real, honest to goodness, feel it, open it, maybe even save it, card.

It probably wasn’t a staple Birthday Card or Get Well Soon Card or Congratulations Card. Most likely it was a little note, where I jotted down a few, quick thoughts, licked the envelope, affixed a postage stamp and dropped it in the mailbox, destined for you.

I’m not quite sure when or how I developed my affinity for handwritten notes. I’m a healthy supporter of electronic communication, including email, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, text messages and IM. However, I have quite a romance with finding the perfect card or piece of stationary for my intended recipient and drafting the words in my head as I place pen to paper. I attempt to send at least one handwritten note per day to someone special in my life or who has crossed my path, albeit briefly.

An oversize basket sits in my home office and is packed full with stationary I’ve collected over the years. And that’s the way I look at stationary and note cards when I purchase them at the store (knowing full well that the last thing I need is even more note cards); I’m not simply plunking down my pennies for eight cards and coordinating envelopes. No, I am collecting them, discovering new designs and color combinations.

I absolutely love the United States Postal Service and its ability, for 42¢, to send a handwritten message anywhere in the country. I treasure anything I receive in the mail that’s handwritten and am always excited to check my mailbox those six days a week. (In fact, I think I hear my mailbox calling me now.)

Last weekend while visiting my sister in California I made a point to visit a Paper Source store in Costa Mesa. I’ve shopped their Web site for about a year now but have never set foot into one of their lovely, wood floor stores.

The experience was overwhelming and wonderful. I took such pleasure in being able to touch and turn the note cards, assorted stationary and rubber stamps I’ve only longed for from the screen of my MacBook. In fact, my sister and I (with my urging) ate dinner before stepping foot in Paper Source, as I wanted to replenish my strength for the shopping adventure that lay before me.

It was difficult not to buy out the whole store, so I took my time selecting two lovely sets of letterpress stationary, along with three rubber stamps.

But I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my most favorite, Omaha-based stationary boutique, Pulp. It’s tucked away on a side street in Benson and carries some of the most wonderful pieces of stationary and note cards. Sorry, Hallmark; I’m afraid you just don’t cut it for me all the time anymore.

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6 thoughts on “The Written Word

  1. I want to got to Pulp. I heard about people going for the opening party and was intrigued. I need to make it a point to write people more often. People just can’t read my handwriting. I’m catching up on your blog if you haven’t noticed.

    This is Jen by the way :)

    • Pulp is awesome. Let’s go there during during our lunch sometime. We could grab a bite to eat in Benson and then head over to Pulp. It’s not too far from Jake’s and The Waiting Room.

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