Lessons From Memorial Day Weekend

Work days before holidays are like vacation days. Kind of. So many people around campus took Friday off from work, thereby launching them into a blissful three-day weekend. I prefer to save my vacation days for more random dates on the calendar. Our staff of six was down to just two on Friday, so I was able to work on a number of small projects I’ve put off for several weeks, sans continual interruption. All the while my phone wasn’t ringing off the hook and I entered the Memorial Day weekend Friday afternoon at 5 quite satisfied with what I had accomplished.

When possible, shop Half Price Books. A Half Price Books opened in a former Pier 1 Imports location in Omaha a few months ago. I visited Half Price Books Saturday afternoon and immediately feel in love. It’s the most organized used book store I recall visiting. The staff was friendly, as were the customers I continually passed while perusing the shelves. At some point saying “excuse me” to the same fellow customer three or four times becomes unnecessary. For around $28 I picked up six books, four of which are hardbound books. My favorite thus far (and which I devoured in a few hours on Saturday): I Feel Bad About My Neck by Nora Ephron. I haven’t been this satisfied in a nonfiction book for quite some time.

The movie Titanic is too long to watch on TV. TBS aired Titanic from 7 p.m. Saturday to approximately 4:30 a.m. Sunday. With commercials, the film is just awful.

When planning a summer cookout, call ahead. Matt and I picked up loads of picnic goodies at the grocery store Sunday morning. We came home and began to grill. As the coals turned black to ash, we dialed away, inviting friends to join the festivities. Everyone had other plans. At that point, the 64-ounce can of baked beans and the oversized tub of potato salad seemed a bit much. But surprisingly, the pitcher of Matt-made rum-infused booze didn’t go to waste.

When it rains, it pours. And your feet often hurt. We celebrated the holiday weekend at the Anchor Inn on Sunday. We savored their signature Watermelons and made fun of the unusual sunburn lines decorating other patrons’ bodies. An hour after we arrived the sky turned an ill-green color and the rain came pouring down. At this point the adorable Franco Sarto sandals I wore were killing my feet, and I went barefoot. I sloshed around in the muddy grass while sprinting to the car. But only for a little while, as I begged our friend Monty to carry me. The powerful winds caused Matt to lose his beloved Superman baseball hat and the carrying case for his HD camcorder. Ouch. My feet didn’t seem to hurt so bad after that.

The new documentary America’s Marine Aviators is wonderful. The 90-minute film provides an inside look into America’s Marines. I can think of no better feature to enjoy this Memorial Day.

The new Indiana Jones film is terrible. Bad story, bad acting, bad visual effects. George, Steven, Harrison and Co., you should be ashamed of yourselves.

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4 thoughts on “Lessons From Memorial Day Weekend

  1. Did you go into the bathrooms at the Half Price
    Books? Did you wash your hands? If so, did you use the extremely powerful and awesome hand dryer?

    Seriously, if you didn’t, it’s almost worth a drive just to go and get your hands dried. They’re like used jet engines in there.

    • Jet engines? Sounds wonderful. I didn’t use the bathrooms while at Half Price Books, but I will most definitely do so the next time I’m there … which will probably be sooner rather than later ;-)


  2. I must try this Half Price Books joint. I love me my books and I especially love them at half price. Oh the Anchor Inn and those watermelons. I can’t remember the last time I had one. I mean I literally can’t remember. Yippie for work on Friday!

    • Watermelons are just delicious. Two of ’em get the job done, that’s for sure! Just don’t drink Watermelons before going to Half Price Books. You may come home with some bizarre titles…

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