It Was Just One Little Word

Earlier this week I voiced two, 15-second radio commercials promoting a cocktail party at an Omaha bar. The event is in advance of the “Sex and the City” film release next Friday.

Part of the script had me say the word “cocktail.”

Seemed harmless enough, right?

My boyfriend is producing the radio spots and when he asked me to voice them, I enthusiastically agreed. I’m a huge “Sex and the City” fan.

But I temporarily forgot that Matt has a flair for “the creative.” Using his audio editing software Matt removed the latter four letters of my spoken “cocktail” and reworked the spot to more of an upbeat jingle, also alternating with the word “panties.”

I’m told Matt sent the jingle to the entire building and just learned that one of Matt’s coworkers now uses the jingle as a ring tone on his cell phone. (I have requested royalties each time the man’s cell phone rings.)

Now, if you really want to hear “The Panty Song” (as Matt named it), visit the audio player at the Matt and Ben MySpace page.

# # #


4 thoughts on “It Was Just One Little Word

  1. The word, “panty” always makes me uneasy :)

    But I must say that is what I call real love. I may make this my myspace profile song :)

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