A Dirty, Little Secret

So I have this secret, and I’d appreciate it you just kept it between us. (You’re good at keeping secrets, right?)

It usually takes place in my basement, with the lights off, when The Boyfriend isn’t home.

And most of the time, there are snacks. Lots of snacks.

I love snacks.

For some, guilty pleasures range from trashy celebrity publications to ‘80s pop music to plastic collectibles discovered at garage sales and taken home for pennies on the dollar.

For me, it’s teenage dramas on cable television.

I know, I know. I need help.

The first step in healing, they say, is admitting a problem even exists. Yet I can’t even do that.

At least, I couldn’t do that until this past weekend.

Shows like “The Hills” on MTV provide me the occasional adolescent escape from literature, academia and my so-called (adult) life.

But the problem is that I’ve fallen even farther than college-age shows, yet didn’t realize it until Sunday night.

While watching TV Sunday afternoon Matt and I learned of a new movie on the Nickelodeon network about some toe-headed nymph named Zoey and her pending (gasp!) high school prom.

Yeah, boring. I know.

Matt jokingly asked if I planned to watch said program, knowing my affinity for shows such as “The Hills.”

“No,” I responded defiantly. “I’m not into high school shows.”

I sure showed him, I thought.

I was wrong.

“Yeah?! What about ‘The Paper’? Or ‘The O.C.’?” he asked, that unmistakable smirk on his lips.

Damn. He was right.

He is right.

After only two episodes of “The Paper” (another MTV gem), I’ve become a fish-eyed voyeur of a high school newspaper staff in California. Having worked on the staffs of both my high school and college newspapers to the point of obsession, I can relate to some of the staffers and delight in sharing/boring Matt with stories of deadlines gone by. And I have a sizable stack of past newspapers to prove it.

There is something quite entertaining and, dare I say, intriguing about the senseless banter and ignorant observations tossed about as these kids juggle text messaging, lip locks and high fashion.

I think I need help. And “The Hills” on DVD.

# # #


8 thoughts on “A Dirty, Little Secret

  1. I happened upon The Hills when MTV ran 4 episodes in a row, and I fell down the Gucci rabbit hole. I was one click away from ordering Seasons 1 and 2 on Amazon before I came to my senses, shut the computer off, and went to sob quietly on the sofa. You are not alone.

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