You Could Be My Family

As the holidays approach and we’re encouraged to celebrate the season with our “blood relatives,” it’s important to remember those other individuals who, perhaps without your knowledge, have helped you create an additional family; or, perhaps, multiple smaller families.

Last weekend Matt and I were out and about when we met up with our good friend, Monty. While standing in the back of a crowded bar in Omaha, surrounded by loud music and perfect strangers, I was struck with a strong sense of what can only be described as family.

Standing in our half moon, we were a small family. We care for one another and look out for each other’s best interests, both at work and at play.

Earlier in the week I caught up with my dear, dear friend Gail. We’ve known each other several years but it seems like much more than that. Our friendship has really grown over those years and we both agreed that it has become like a family.

These relationships are extensions of the people who share our genes, perhaps our eye color and quirky mannerisms. We may reflect our friends’ speech patterns and the way they walk, without even knowing it.

Time spent with our friends — those we consider part of our family — is one of the best gifts we can give, and, thankfully, receive. It is the members of our “other” families who have our best interests at heart and, quite simply, love us without flaw.

I believe it’s a type of unconditional love separate from that of our parents and siblings. Because it isn’t built on inherit genetics or innate instincts. It’s a love built over time that has seen its share of scrapes and bruises, but certainly came out stronger in the end.

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6 thoughts on “You Could Be My Family

  1. I love that you just put all of that into words. That is exactly the way I feel about my friends.

    Wendy Townley, I do declare, you are a wonderful writer. haha. Obviously.

    Seriously though … you always seem to put the things that I think and feel into most eloquently written words. I thank you for that.

    I think I’m your biggest fan.

    Happy holidays.


    • I can’t thank you enough for your kind words. Anytime I blog along emotional lines, I often consider the reader. I feel as though I have this cluster of something inside my gut, and the only way I can understand its origins and better explain its identity is through words.

      And when I stumble upon an idea shared by at least one other person, I am pleased and humbled, indeed :-)

      You are the best!

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