My Second Heart

Friday night, on a whim but with some thought behind it, I was inked a third time: a small red heart on the inside of my right arm.

My decision was fueled by more than just a few too many cocktails.

I’ve been told by friends, on more than one occasion, that I wear my heart on my sleeve.

And it’s true.

I have a tremendously difficult time hiding my emotions, be them excited, elated, upset, peeved or anything in between.

After leaving my job at Cox Communications and joining the University Relations department at the University of Nebraska at Omaha just four weeks ago, I now believe, more than ever, that I’m one of those people who absolutely must be 100 percent committed, from an emotional standpoint, to my work for me to be truly content.

Not since working as a staff writer at the Bellevue Leader newspaper have I felt so sure that I was in just the right place, doing just the right job.

And anything I write, from simple handwritten notes to 3,000-word articles, I use my right hand. And those words always, always, always come directly from my heart.

So the heart, you see, is now a constant reminder to ensure whatever I purse has my heart’s complete backing: be it jobs, freelance articles and relationships.

I’ll admit I got a bit choked up Saturday morning. After more closely examining my new tattoo, I was reminded even more that I’m in the right place in all aspects of my life: my work, my family, my writing and my boyfriend.

That little red heart with the thin black outline only confirmed what I already knew.

And if you were wondering: yes, it did hurt.

In fact, I owe Roxy for handling a/v Friday night, creating the following video clip (see below) and the photos I posted to my Flickr account.

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