Calling All Cooks

Now that it’s summer, I’m more in the mood to cook at home. I use the word cook extremely loosely, however; I’m someone who attempts to prepare food simply by: boiling water, cooking food in a crock pot, making toast, etc.

Based on my aforementioned culinary “skills,” do you have a simple recipe for me to try? I have a wide variety of foods that I like. And I’m a sucker for a great dessert.

Post ’em here, please.

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2 thoughts on “Calling All Cooks

  1. jello cake is a pretty good summer dessert. make a normal white cake according to package directions (rectangle shape), poke holes in it (i usually use a two prong meat fork), prepare jello (any flavor; i always use strawberry)according to package (but do not refrigerate to set…just mix with the two temps of water), pour over cake. let chill, top with whipped cream.

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