And Now, Facebook

After serving as a HOBY panelist last night at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, I was encouraged to sign up for a Facebook account by the 160 high school sophomores who attended the conference.

(As if I need another avenue to spend my time while online.)

As such, I give you my Facebook profile.

In what has become a less-than-sincere olive branch from me to you, let’s be (Facebook) friends.

# # #


11 thoughts on “And Now, Facebook

  1. Hey, it’s Tim

    Thanks for participating in the HOBY event. And I’m facebooking like there’s no tomorrow.


    • Re: Hey, it’s Tim

      You are more than welcome. I had fun, and will definitely issue you a cocktail rain check after Kaldahl Baby No. 2 arrives.

      I’ve already spent too much time on Facebook. I love it!


      • I dig and I’ve got a mixed bag of info.

        Facebook is meant to be a members-only social networking site, more or less. The URL that pops up when you view your own profile is the URL. However there’s a separate URL that displays your public profile if you choose to use one. If you scroll all the way to the bottom there should be a link called “Public Listing”. It’s still not very user-friendly, but that would the the link to post on your blog, for example.

  2. I don’t understand Facebook. Maybe I don’t understand MySpace either, but I understand Facebook less. Either way, how do you have time for another website? The other day I noticed I still have a St. Patrick’s Day desktop photo at work. Yikes. -kt

    • I don’t quite “get” Facebook, either, but I know the user interface doesn’t make me want to projectile vomit the way MySpace’s UI does.

      I don’t really know how I have time for another online identity. I’m online doing this kind of crap when I should be grocery shopping, cleaning my gutters, etc.


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