Ending It. Period.

I don’t know what most men think about this story, but from a female perspective, halting Aunt Flow’s visit altogether just doesn’t seem natural to me.

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5 thoughts on “Ending It. Period.

  1. I don’t have to read the story. It’s not right. It fucks with my know how of women…to not have them on their period. One of my only talents is to work that time “period” like a champ. If that is gone…I am a goner for sure.

  2. God knows I love being on the pill, but I would never do that. I celebrate the first day of my period. It’s “Happy Yay I am not Pregnant!” day!

    It’s the best day ever, where some girlfriends (especially those whose own periods have managed to synch up with mine that month)and I treat ourselves to massages, fresh flowers, and red velvet cake.

    I refuse to live without red velvet cake. :)


  3. How long have we been friends?! Did I add you? Because I remember wanting to add you a while ago and instead (or so I thought) exercising restraint. Regarding periods I subscribe to the rationalization that throughout human history women were kept in a constant state of pregnancy from fertility ’til the eggs were gone, they hit menopause or died. As such it can be viewed unnatural for a woman to have to endure so many periods in modern times. An NPR piece mentioned recently that the new drugs differ from traditional pills only in that they omit the “week off” — itself a marketing gimmick designed in the 60s to re-assure couples that pregnancy had not occurred. Hormone treatments are reversible, even after years of period-lessness, and normal child birth can occur at will. So no, I am not personally a fan of the gratuitous period, especially if it’s going to be nothing but a waste of time and energy. :)

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