Every other month I get together with my mom, aunt and two cousins for a girls night on the town.

It’s my turn to plan our activity and I’ve decided on a night of Bingo.

No joke.

Does anyone in the Omaha area know of a Friday or Saturday night Bingo game we can join? The more senior citizens, the better. We want the full-on Bingo experience.

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11 thoughts on ““Bingo”

  1. I absolutely love bingo, but have never gone to a game here in Omaha (I play in Vegas, whenever I visit my folks). I have called at the casinos in Council Bluffs to see if they’ve got bingo halls, but none of them do.

  2. I go to Bingo with my mother once a month. They are not on the good weekend nights though. We go to the Blondo Social Hall on Sunday nights (this is a hot one) at 7PM. On Mondays we may go to this church at 11AM on Harrison Street….can’t remember the name…but it is one of those more Catholic…than Catholics…Catholic churches. It sucks now…because you can’t smoke in either. It kills the culture of it IMO.

  3. Bingo

    Hi! I went to Bingo last Saturday night at the Harrison Street bingo. Full of smoke and South Omaha flavor…..don’t forget to buy a raffle ticket! You could win a lazy susan! Or just sit next to one….

  4. Sorry…it was Melissa posting before…

    Sorry…it was Melissa before I didn’t mean to put anonymous

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