Remember PAAS?

I hadn’t, until my mom asked me to help her dye Easter eggs Tuesday night, using the signature PAAS kit, designed to make the perfect dyed egg.

Upon opening the thin cardboard box I was met with the colored tabs wrapped in plastic cellophane, as well as the cardboard cutouts designed to decorate one’s eggs once they’ve dried after the suggested time.

I was brought back to my childhood as I dropped each colored tab into coffee mugs filled with a few tablespoons of vinegar. That pungent smell stung my nose at first, but I found my excitement grow as the eggs evolved into such colorful little orbs.

Here’s the finished product.

# # #


6 thoughts on “Remember PAAS?

  1. OGSan Sez …

    I remember PAAAAAS! We always tried to do cool shit like half-and-half and multiple colors. It never worked though. Just turned all the egg shells some brownish color.

  2. What I love most about this picture is those yellow measuring spoons. My immediate reaction is a gag reflex. Everytime I see those spoons, all I can think of is taking my disgusting liquid allery medicine from them. I love how almost everything in Mom’s house was a bridal shower gift from 30 years ago.

  3. OGSan Sez …

    Hey we don’t celebrate Easter — we’re just trying to lure that rabbit for food. Here rabbit rabbit rabbit.

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