Forget December 25; My Christmas Is June 11


That’s when, according to online rumors and the like, Apple will release the iPhone.

It’s no secret I’m craving one of these lovely beauties. I’ve been dreaming of the iPhone since Steve Jobs made the proper introductions from a convention hall stage in January in San Francisco.

But this recent posting from Digg made me, literally, laugh out loud.

“Better look out while driving that day.. everyone will have their fingers on the damn thing, trying to figure out how to call every-f#$%&@g-body they know on their new iPhone.”

You can count me in this colorfully identifed group.

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2 thoughts on “Forget December 25; My Christmas Is June 11

  1. A full and proper review of the iPhone will be needed when you get it. There are lots of people (me included) who are absolutely drooling over the device, but are either locked into a contract with another carrier or hesitate at dropping $400 on it just yet.

    • Yes, a review will be forthcoming this summer.

      I’m locked under contract with my current carrier, U.S. Cellular, until March of next year, but it’s worth the cost of breaking that agreement to keep an iPhone on my person at all times.

      I’m just that sick when it comes to my Apple obsession.


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