My Saving Grace

If you’re anywhere near the Omaha area this morning, you know about the blizzard devouring Nebraska’s largest city.

As such, I’m home from work.

I couldn’t make it up my steep driveway and parked my car across the street. Inside my car are two delicious boxes of Girl Scout cookies: Thin Mints and Lemonades.

I’m thankful that the 12″ of snow blowing around outside prevent me from going anywhere near my car and grabbing those cookies. On a day like today I’d most likely consume the majority of those two boxes of yummy cookies.

Not because I wanted to, but, quite simply, because I could.

There’s a pan of brownies on my kitchen counter that are calling my name, though…

# # #


4 thoughts on “My Saving Grace

  1. wendy! i have missed you. i think everyone who orders girl scout cookies gets thin mints. it’s a GSC staple.

    come and visit me and you won’t have to worry about snow.


    • Jimbo! I have missed you, too. I’m hoping to visit my sister in mid-May. (She lives in Anaheim.) I will most definitely look you up when I’m in town.


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