More Photos; You Asked For ‘Em

OK, so you didn’t ask for more photos, loyal reader. But I couldn’t resist posting these beauties from 1999.

They are related.

How, you may ask?

Our first photo was taken during a spring break trip to Mazatlan, Mexico. It was my first and last MTV-inspired spring break trip. It was horrible and I loathed every minute of it.

I developed a furious sunburn and spent much of the trip walking the dusty, poverty-stricken streets of this tiny party town searching for a power adapter for my laptop. (I didn’t plan on Mexico’s power outlets being different than those I used back home.)

I realized within moments upon touching down in Mexico that the girls I traveled with on this particular getaway were more interested in consuming massive quantities of alcohol while congruently sleeping with as many male coeds as possible during the next few days.

Naive Wendy didn’t anticipate such nefarious activities by her fellow travelers on this trip, which is why I agreed to go in the first place. But after realizing this was on each and every girl’s itinerary, I opted out immediately. I holed up in my motel room for much of the trip, typing away on my laptop.

I shared my frustration about searching for a power adapter with our waiter (Photo A). A few days into the trip, however, the waiter produced the necessary power adapter I needed to juice up my laptop’s battery while in Mexico.

Bless him. And I didn’t even have to sleep with him.

Lucky Wendy.

Photo A

Days after returning home from my Mexican adventure, I decided to get my first tattoo: a daisy on my lower back. My daisy was the handiwork of Devin at Villain’s Tattoos in South Omaha.

Photo B is of me and Devin moments after my daisy had bloomed.

Photo B

# # #


5 thoughts on “More Photos; You Asked For ‘Em

  1. OGSan Sez …

    I remember when you came back from that trip!!! You said to me “It was pretty in Mazatlan but nobody told me there’d be so many MEXICANS! Geez it was like being in South O again.”

  2. From Dawn

    Hey! I’m offended by that! Sexing around wasn’t on MY agenda!!! Just the strung-out heroin addict’s!!!:) You know I love you. I’ll agree that I think it was on everyone’s mind but, like 5 of us total. Me, you, and 3 others who had boyfriends that they weren’t willing to cheat on!!!

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