Per A Request

Here’s the photo some anonymous reader requested.

The location: the senior hallway at Daniel J. Gross Catholic High School during our senior year, which would’ve been in either late ’96 or early ’97.

The parties: yours truly was stuffed in her locker by her good friends Jenny Strazdas (sp?) and Cindy Vacek. (My yearbooks have been missing for years, so I have no way to confirm the correct spelling of Jenny’s last name.)

The story: I’m small. It’s no secret. So Jenny and Cindy thought it would be funny to push me into my locker and make the moment memorable with a photograph, which is below.

I wonder if I could still fit into that locker.

# # #


6 thoughts on “Per A Request

  1. OGSan sez …

    “Where’s my $5 bucks, BITCHES,” Wendysaid. “And what are your papers doing so disorganized!? I know I bought you both Trapper Keepers for Chrismas. Praise JESUS! I swear you two are literally driving me nuts. OK not literally. But figuratively. Let me outta here so we can go watch 90210. I loooove Brandon. And I ain’t talkin’ about the one on the show. (giggle giggle).”

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