What A Pickle I Am In

By now most (or some; I suppose I shouldn’t be too arrogant here) of you know I proudly paid a young man named Joshua to ink my body with the most perfect logo ever.

Now that the Apple and I have had time to get to know one another a little more intimately, I’m starting to think that filling in the tattoo would be a wise idea.

So I turn to you, loyal reader. What should I do?

# # #


9 thoughts on “What A Pickle I Am In

  1. I have three opinions ranked in order of my opinion of awesomeness.

    1) Leave it empty. Seriously, outline tattoos are often excellent on their own.

    2) No School like the Old School. The rainbow logo from days of yore would be incredibly awesome, but such vibrant colors would have to be touched up fairly often. Not so much fun.

    3) Clever shading. Some minimalist shading to reflect the new version of the logo would work better than a complete filling-in. In my opinion.

  2. You could …

    You could always do the rainbow thing to celebrate your orientation. Or just leave it blank to save money to celebrate your heritage.

  3. leave it blank

    there is something beautiful about the skin still showing. It looks like someone took a little bite out of you.

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