It Appears The Joke Is On Me

Dear Julie M. Haney

It has been many months since we last chatted. Well, we really didn’t exchange pleasantries of any degree. I simply forked over the approximate $2,200 last year for the 2006 property taxes on my Omaha home.

Thankfully, you accepted the payment in two, smaller installments.

You are too kind.

So you may imagine my delight and glee upon receiving your lovely letter in the mail this past week, as I wrap up holiday shopping and count my dwindling pennies for the gifts I’ve yet to purchase for family and friends.

It was another heartfelt correspondence from you, detailing my 2007 property taxes. You are sweet enough to, yet again, accept the $2,290.54 total in two payments, due April 1 and Aug. 1. And you even included two self addressed envelopes for my convenience.

What a sweet gesture.

Is there any relevance to that first, $1,145.27 payment being due on April Fool’s Day? Is this an attempt to be humorous? To lighten an otherwise dreadful situation?

If so, take a bow, Ms. Haney. Take a bow!


# # #


2 thoughts on “It Appears The Joke Is On Me

    • Re: j haney

      Yeah, well … That doesn’t change the fact she sent me a massive, albeit anticipated, bill just days before Christmas and during the throes of massive spending.

      Ms. Haney, give me a break!


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