On Baking

My job has been anything but stress free the past few months. I have discovered the calming affect baking has on my soul, especially now that fall has arrived.

Granted, I’m preparing breads, cakes and the like from pre-packaged mixes (just add eggs, oil and water). However, I find the steps easy to follow and soothing as warm tea. There’s no guesswork here. Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 and so on.

The end product is a deliciously smelling home with something that’ll stick to my ribs the next few mornings.

And best of all: I’ve trained myself not to devour the remaining batter from each recipe. My secret? Immediately fill the mixing bowl with soap and hot water. Immerse the spoon and beaters, too. I’m liable (and quite capable) of devouring any leftover batter in mere seconds.

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