An Apple Opening in Omaha

From waiting in line to the mad dash through the front doors, the opening of Omaha’s first Apple Store on Sept. 23 truly was a monumental occasion for me and my fellow Apple fans.

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18 thoughts on “An Apple Opening in Omaha

  1. Hi…you don’t know me of course, but I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy reading your LJ. I especially liked these pictures from the Apple store opening. I’ve played around with the idea of switching to an Apple when I buy my laptop and I think you’ve convinced me. Obsession is a great means of persuassion. I hope you don’t mind that I added you to my friends list.

    I also noticed you worked at the Gateway when you were at UNO. I worked there as well for a couple of years. I’m working on my last year at UNO and can’t fit the Gateway into my schedule this year, but it was great fun at the time.

  2. Apple Store Opening

    Sean Weide writes:

    The funny thing about the Apple Store opening is that it had a line of more than 500 people waiting to get in before it opened.

    But the local fishwrap couldn’t wait to snap a picture of the 100 or so waiting to buy tickets to the Lion King performance. Heck, the Holland Center is just down the street from the Weird-Harold, so it wasn’t much trouble. Then, then next morning, we got to see the picture and read about HOW MANY people were waiting to snap up those Lion King tickets – with no mention of the Apple store opening.


  3. apple

    the pictures are wonderful. i was a little sad i couldn’t be there, but i can’t wake up that early. i did go, however, several hours later, when there wasn’t a line.

  4. Re: apple

    We certainly missed you, Jimbo, but I understand the struggles rising at such an early hour (especially on a Saturday). The store isn’t going anywhere, so visit soon and visit often ;-)


  5. The Apple Store

    Jon Brooks of writes:

    I saw some of the above pics at and now find out that it was you in the pics.

    It was a pretty fun morning. Bridget and I were around 200 in line and both of us got our first Apple Store t-shirts!

    The previous weekend we went to an Apple Store while visiting Phoenix. It was amazing to see an energetic crowd there on a Sunday afternoon (especially considering that store is a few years old). It might seem odd to some that visiting a computer store would rank as a highlight of a trip to the desert, but it did.

    I remember starting our desktop publishing business in 1996. I remember people telling us that Apple was dying. I remember them talking about how they heard there was “no difference” between Apple Computers and Windows machines.

    I am so glad that the prodigal Steve Jobs returned and the company has enjoyed a glorious rebound. People continually marvel when they see all of the Apple Computers in our basement (five in total). They find it odd that the Mini’s little rectangular hard drive (not much bigger than a package of Oscar-Meyer pimento loaf) is more powerful than the lovely PowerMacintosh G4 I purchased in 2000.

    Of course, I wonder how many of them still get productive use out of a computer purchased in 1998.

    Visiting an Apple Store is a wonderful celebration — a festive day marking the opening of a new store for Mac lovers, and a day to contemplate the rollercoaster history of a company that is a true trendsetter.

    Get a Mac and Go Mavs!

    (I think I’ll pull out my DVD of “Pirates of Silicon Valley” and watch it…just because…)

  6. I’m Out of the Loop

    I’m out of the loop on this one. I don’t get it…it’s just a computer.

    Silly me. Silly me.

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