California Photos {Some Of Many}

I have returned from visiting my sister, Katie, in warm, sunny California a little tanner than when I left.

We did some fabulous shopping, eating and drinking the past few days.

The entire trip was lovely, as documented in these photos.

Katie and me at breakfast at the Sugar Shack in Huntington Beach.

Katie and me at the pier overlooking Huntington Beach.

Enjoying a Ketel One and cranberry cocktail. (I love how it matches my new dress.)

Katie smiling for the camera before dinner. (She’s a little tipsy from just one vodka tonic.)

We’ve had a few libations. Can you tell?

Doing one of the things I love most: eating pasta.

Savoring the first few sips of a perfect after-dinner cocktail: Red Bull and vodka.

After dinner and drinks in downtown Fullerton, stuffed and tipsy and still in love with my new dress.

More photos coming soon…


5 thoughts on “California Photos {Some Of Many}

  1. From OG San

    New dress: $50
    Red Bull and Vodka: $10
    Passing out while talking to some random California surfer: Priceless
    Getting mystery stain out of new dress: $20
    Raising child for 18 years: $1.875 million

  2. Good Times

    Wow, really looks like you and your sis had some fun times. Never been to CA though, furthest west ever was CO. Thanks for sharing, looking forward to more pix.

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