Jenny’s Coming To Omaha

This just in: Jenny Lewis is Omaha-bound for an Oct. 1 show.

This means I now have less than two months to select the ideal outfit to wear to this One (Amazing) Woman Show.

Can’t wait to see (and hear) you, Jenny.


4 thoughts on “Jenny’s Coming To Omaha

  1. I had no idea you were a Jenny Lewis fan! She is my all-time favorite!! I’m gonna try to see her in Chicago! Or…maybe I’ll come see her in Omaha with you & Molly! :) You have got to find her song “Glendora” on one of the file sharing sites– not yet released on any albums, but amazing.

    • Oh, yes. I was first a Rilo Kiley fan and became a huge Jenny Lewis fan after she released her solo album, “Rabbit Fur Coat,” earlier this year. You should definitely join us for her show later this year. That would be a blast!

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