Quite The Compliment?

Moments after Molly took this photo of me and Jimmy last night in Dundee…

…I was given quite the compliment by an older gentleman gutting a building at the corner of 50th Street and Underwood Avenue.

“You are one sexy young lady.”

Aside from the fact that the compliment creeped me out, it simply doesn’t make sense.

If you’re sexy, you can be described with similar adjectives such as foxy, hot, seductive, slinky, etc.

But if you’re a young lady, you’re sweet, innocent, lovely, cute, pretty, etc.

Dare I ask: how can someone be sexy and a young lady at the same time?


9 thoughts on “Quite The Compliment?

  1. Allow me to elucidate. You are “foxy, hot, seductive, slinky(?),” and “sweet, innocent, lovely, cute, [and] pretty.”

    “Quite the compliment.”

  2. redefine

    wendy, great observations. perhaps it’s sexy that’s changing, the meaning i mean. perhaps young lady’s (elegant, beautiful and sweet) can now also be gorgeous, sensual, sophisticated and mysterious.

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