My Falling Star {Literally}

A nasty thunderstorm blew through this morning around 4:30.

A particularly loud clap of thunder shook my walls so violently that the Rising Star Alumni Achievement Award hanging on my office wall came crashing to the ground, with broken glass everywhere.

I received the award in April from my alma mater, the School of Communication at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

I’m doing my best to remain optimistic and not believe this occurrence is a sign of things to come; that my once-rising star has now fallen to the ground.


2 thoughts on “My Falling Star {Literally}

  1. Oh no!

    It’s not a sign. Just bad luck.

    Maybe you can ask if you can get an identical replacement. Or ask if they can at least contact the makers of the award to contact you so that you can find out how much it costs to replace.

    I wonder if home insurance covers “thunder” damage.

    • I’m going to email one of the professors at UNO this morning. It’s a framed certificate, so I can’t imagine replacing the glass (or the entire frame) will be too difficult or too costly.

      Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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