We Put The ‘Fun’ In ‘Funeral’

I debated whether to write about the following, but it’s too bizarre and awkward to ignore and leave inside my brain.

As many of you know, my beloved grandma, Dorothy Townley, passed away earlier this month. We hosted the wake service on a Wednesday night, with the funeral, graveside service and luncheon the next Thursday.

My sister and I, along with several other members of our immediate family, anticipated more than just a handful of uncomfortable moments.

The reason?

My dad recently went through his second divorce, the first having been in 1987 with my mom.

There was no question my mom would attend all the funeral services, and we were fairly certain my dad’s second wife would be there.

But we all were extremely surprised to see my dad’s new girlfriend at each and every ceremony of the funeral service. And unfortunately, several of those who came to grieve and celebrate my late grandma’s life were surprised and, I would say, left feeling rather uncomfortable.

At the wake service, there was a definite triangle of people: those who spoke with my mom, those who spoke with my dad’s second wife and those who spoke with my dad and his girlfriend. I don’t know that all three women have been in the same room — or even the same part of town — before that night.

The Bermuda Triangle has nothing on this family.

The case of Bud Light in the back room at the funeral home helped eased matters, but the whole evening felt so damn weird. I see now that it was difficult to grieve for my grandma while so much drama going on around me.

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried. And, perhaps, I’ve finally found something to turn into a book.


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