‘I Appreciate The Necklace,’ He Said

I really shouldn’t be surprised that it happened.

Earlier today, I decided to take in the sunshine, an iced turtle latte and some reading at Aroma’s, one of my favorite coffeehouses in Omaha. It’s in the Old Market, so I’m always certain to witness an entertaining array of characters during any given visit.

While sitting on the front patio, reading “Wolves of the Calla” by Stephen King, I overheard a young man discuss Jesus, Islam, Warren Buffet and marriage ceremonies with his female companion. The young man wore a cowboy hat, a T-shirt with some ironic phrase (the likes of which I cannot recall), cargo pants and Nike sandals while intermittently taking drags on a cigarette.

I set down my rather large book to page through the latest issue of Spin when the young man approached my table.

I could see him approach in my peripheral vision, but chose not to divert my bespectacled eyes in his direction. However, he opened with, “I couldn’t help but notice that tome you’re reading. That must be awfully heavy to carry around.”

“It’s not so bad,” I said. “The book is so good, it’s worth the weight.”

He went on to tell me about other books he’s reading.

I listened, nodded, occasionally directing my eyes down to the magazine in my lap, hoping he’d get the signal that I didn’t feel like talking.

After a few awkward pauses, he said, “I appreciate the necklace. I’m JW.”

(He was, of course, referring to my Wendy necklace, which I forgot I was wearing.)

“Nice to meet you,” I said, and smiled.

Awkward pause. Awkward pause. Awkward pause.

I smiled again, and he walked away.

Note to self: Remember the necklace is visible at all times and may give young men the push they need to make an introduction.


11 thoughts on “‘I Appreciate The Necklace,’ He Said

  1. Normally if I got shot down like that, I’d just douse myself in gasoline and strike a match right there.

    Anyway – Just wanted to say Dark Tower series rocks. I’m on book 5 (I think – the one after Wolves of the Calla).

    Rock on, Wen.

    • Oh, and if you get the chance, read the Final Encyclopedia (by Gordon Dickson). It’s based off the same poem as King’s, and an awesome read (and apparently there’s 5 other books in the Childe Cycle, which I haven’t read, and which the Final Encyclopedia is a part of. Unfortunately, Dickson passed in 2001, so the series is unfinished. Sad face.)

      • Oops – I was wrong the other way, I _am_ on The Wolves of Calla, which is book 5 (right?).

        Tommy Chong’s got nothing on the swiss cheese I call my memory.

      • Yep, book 5 is “Wolves.” How exciting! I started “The Dark Tower” series July 18, 2005. Something tells me I won’t be finished with the series by July 18, 2006 :-)

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